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Fincio offers high quality preventive maintenance software for hotels, resorts, hostels and travel lodges for efficient maintenance management of these types of properties.

5 Ways to Save Time and Money Using Hotel Preventive Maintenance Software for Your Hotel Property Upkeep

Anyone who has stayed in a luxury hotel knows that the hotel experience is like no other. The luxurious bed, fresh sheets, clean floors, elegantly furnished rooms, and free housekeeping services. Put these all together and you get the famous and iconic luxury hotel experience, the same one people from all over the world look and crave for. Simply put, hotels are known and expected to provide superior comfort and cleanliness that guests cannot get in their own homes.

So for hotel management to continuously attract guests and give them the hotel experience they crave, hotel property maintenance should be a top priority. And since hotel rooms don't stay new forever, it's best to invest in preventive maintenance before furnishings get worn out and rooms start to lose that unique hotel-like feel. And the best way to do this is to start using a hotel maintenance software.

The good news is, the earlier you start using a good PM software for your hotel, the more time and money you will save. Here are 5 ways on how a PM software can help you keep your hotel luxurious and inviting for all your guests.

Avoid service disruptions for a flawless hotel experience.

Nothing could be more disappointing for guests than to see dripping faucets, AC malfunctioning, or to experience a power outage during their hotel stay. Fortunately, there's a way to make sure these service disruptions are avoided, and that's preventive maintenance. But with the large number of rooms and equipment you need to check, the whole PM process can be a challenging and overwhelming task for all your staff.

But if you have a hotel preventive maintenance software, it will remind you and your staff to do routine maintenance checks on all your assets and equipment. This way, if there are minor problems, these are resolved quickly before they disrupt your services. And if problems are caught when they are small, they take less time and cost to repair.

Thus, aside from the time and money you save on scheduling and funding maintenance checks and repairs, you will also earn more profits - profits that you surely would have lost if your guests experience many service disruptions during their stay in your hotel.

2. Make the most out of your assets and equipment.

By using a hotel maintenance software to keep all your assets and equipment in top shape at any given time, you are also extending their life cycle. And the longer they are in your service, the more profits you will get out of them.

Asset protection is one of the major ways that a PM software can help you save time and money. Repairing (or worse, replacing) some of the major equipment you use in your hotel can be costly. Thus, such equipment requires consistent upkeep.

Likewise, you can also lose a lot of money with smaller utilities and appliances. Television sets, Internet connectivity devices, and water heaters are some of the appliances that are very prone to wear and tear due to regular usage. Without proper maintenance, replacements will serve as that one big hole in your pocket that is letting all your profits leak out.

Finally, you can also save on operational costs. If AC systems are properly and regularly maintained, they will cost less to operate. If your showers and plumbing system are working properly, there will be no water leakage and wastage. At the end of the day, you'll also find yourself saving a lot on your utility bills.

3. Boost your staff's productivity by using hotel maintenance software.

A hotel maintenance management software can also help you maximize the productivity of your hotel staff as well as your maintenance workers. Without an automated system, the mere task of scheduling and coordinating all maintenance tasks in your hotel will require at least an entire team, especially if you have many rooms and assets to maintain. But if you have a PM software, the process of generating work orders and following them through becomes automated, and you will need less staff for it.

The same is true for your maintenance crew. If the tasks are properly divided, scheduled, and coordinated within your team, you will need fewer people to get more done. The automated system maximizes the productivity of your staff by preventing scheduling conflicts.

You will also save a lot of time by making sure that your workers have the tools and spare parts that they need to conduct their routine checks and repairs on the scheduled date. This task requires a lot of coordination with your inventory controllers and procurement buyers, but with a PM software, the whole process is easier and less prone to mistakes. With proper coordination, you don't have to buy several copies of the tools and equipment your workers use during their maintenance activities.

Aside from proper crew scheduling for maximum productivity, a hotel PM software can track the tasks and workloads assigned to all members of your labor force. This way, you can be sure all scheduled tasks are completed, and will be alerted immediately if certain tasks require your attention.

4. Eliminate costly safety hazards.

Safety hazards can lead to some of the costliest unexpected outlays you will experience in your business. So this is one aspect you need to be really vigilant with. By ensuring that all preventive maintenance tasks are performed according to schedule, a PM software can also help prevent safety issues that may endanger your guests and staff.

So before you find yourself paying expensive compensation to a guest who accidentally slips and falls or to a staff who gets sick due to ventilation issues or stressful workload, invest in a good hotel PM software.

5. Keep your guests coming back.

With all aspects of your hotel maintenance management system working in sync with one another, you can ensure the ultimate hotel experience for all of your guests. And you can only achieve this with the help of a hotel maintenance software. This software is an expert in handling all maintenance activities from top to bottom, so there is less work to be done but more profits to be gained.

Keeping guests coming back is the number one goal of all hotel owners that wish to stay in business for a long time, and to do so, preventive maintenance is a must. But this is a major task, and you need all the expert help you can get. So to get the job done right, let your hotel preventative maintenance management software do all the work for you, as you sit back and enjoy the time and cost savings - and more profits too - that your well-maintained, fully equipped hotel can enjoy as guests keep coming back for the same experience.