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How CMMS solutions are changing the landscape of conventional maintenance management?

Investing in emerging machinery and equipment is one of the telltale signs of a growing business. Such an investment continues to be on top of priorities for businesses that wish to boost their productivity and profitability and, eventually, expand their operations. Continuously implementing well-planned investment plans to improve or modernize their operations helps ensure that businesses stay on top of their game, and that they can thrive even in the face of competition.

Unfortunately, most businesses don't apply the same innovative mindset when it comes to maintaining and protecting their key investments. When it comes to maintaining their building, machinery, and equipment, many businesses choose to stick with conventional maintenance management techniques. This means that they are as vulnerable as ever to a wide range of difficulties associated with maintenance management, the most common of which include:

Lack of data (or access to necessary data). One of the main factors that hinder efficient maintenance management is the dependence on paper-based methods.

Lack of time. For many people involved in the operations of a business, the problem is that they are too preoccupied with day-to-day business activities to give maintenance the attention it requires. On top of these, many businesses also live in the fear of disrupting production that they choose to ignore or put off maintenance activities.

Without enough data and time, maintenance management planning is thus poorly made at the expense of the company's vital investments.

At closer look, the challenges faced by many businesses in terms of maintaining their machinery and equipment reveal the need for more sophisticated solutions. And this inevitably comes in the form of emergent CMMS solutions or computerized maintenance management software.

The Marks of Successful Maintenance Management

Successful maintenance management is composed of a set of activities that need to be performed continuously. And this is where advanced CMMS solutions come into play. With the right computerized maintenance management solutions, the crucial steps in the maintenance management process won't need to take up both time and space in the company's scheme of operations.

With a modern CMMS solution, all the information necessary to make decisions regarding machinery and equipment maintenance are all stored in a single database. This reduces the time it takes for involved personnel to plan and perform much-needed maintenance activities. This also supports key decision makers in planning and initiating these activities. CMMS solutions do so in many ways, such as:

  • Determining which machinery and equipment require maintenance at any given period of time
  • Scheduling preventive maintenance tasks
  • Determining where spare parts and tools needed for maintenance can be found
  • Calculating the exact costs of maintenance activities
  • Calculating the comparative costs of repairs vs. preventive maintenance to encourage management to invest in proper maintenance Ensuring and regulating compliance
  • Producing status reports and summarizing ongoing maintenance activities to help personnel keep track
  • The Many Benefits of Modern CMMS Solutions

    By performing and consolidating all these tasks, sophisticated CMMS solutions can help eliminate many challenges and problems faced by maintenance managers. These include:

    Maintenance backlogs - With all the schedules and data on employee's fingertips, maintenance backlogs can be avoided

    Poor inventory of spare parts and tools - Many CMMS packages have inventory planning add-ons that help personnel keep a ready stock of much-needed tools and spare parts just when they are needed. This gives procurement personnel enough time to shop around and get better prices on spare parts.

    Overtime work - Workers do not need to work overtime while they sit idly during office hours as maintenance tasks are already pre-scheduled rather than reactive; emergency repairs can also be avoided.

    Unexpected work disruptions - Machines and equipment are kept in good working condition at any given time, making surprise breakdowns less likely.

    Studies show that these problems result in poor maintenance coordination and planning, which in turn reduce productivity by as much as 35%.

    Another benefit of advanced CMMS solutions is that by making the whole history of machinery and equipment on record and easily available, the maintenance process becomes more streamlined. It is easier to access much-needed information regarding machinery and equipment, even when key maintenance personnel change. In addition, maintenance audits also become practically effortless.

    More important, however, are the benefits these valuable solutions offer to the management or business owners themselves. By having all information and financial data at the ready, decision makers are best able to understand the need for maintenance and allocate sufficient resources in time for the correct maintenance schedules.

    Looking at all these benefits, it is easy to see just how CMMS solutions are changing the landscape of maintenance management. In fact, they are making maintenance management a more central part of business operations. With the right maintenance planning and coordination offered by CMMS, company production and performance inevitably also improve. At the end of the day, all these benefits translate to more savings and more profits.

    What CMMS Solutions are Available?

    CMMS solutions available nowadays are becoming more sophisticated as well as more varied. This way, companies of various sizes can choose the type, size, and price of solution that will be most helpful to them. Some packages are generic and can be used in any type of business or in maintaining any kind of asset or property. Some, however, are more industry-specific. In fact, there are now CMMS packages for practically every need and industry. While not all solutions can perform all of the features mentioned above, some of the more sophisticated packages provide even more advanced and detailed features. Some of them are web-based or cloud-based to target companies with personnel who work in different locations. Some also offer mobile applications to help maintenance personnel who work on the field.

    These developments were encouraged mainly by the exponential growth that the CMMS market has seen since the mid 1990's. This shows that more and more companies are realizing the importance of efficient and proactive maintenance and the need for smart maintenance management systems. And with the wealth of existing options nowadays, companies can now choose to invest in the right CMMS solutions that will be most beneficial to them.